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Details about Celestia   

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Developers of free software GPL
Allows you to move around the universe. You will be able to see the world, the internatinal space station, the other planets in the solar system and local galaxies.

The project follows what is happening in astronomy. By downloading updated data files from a website will one be able to see new discoveries that are less than one month old.

You will also discover that you are influenced by gravity, so do not come too close.

There are also assignments where one undertakes specific trips, and one or more demos that take one on completed tours.

Requires a relatively modern workstation, and a modern graphics card with 3D-support. Ample memory makes everything so much better

Score: 10 of 10
  • Edutainment/Science
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 Quick help for Debian and Skolelinux:
 Install the software by writing:

  apt-get install celestia (as root)
 Start the software by writing:

  celestia (just guessing)
Is part of: Snofrix Debian Skolelinux Ubuntu

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