Components & Features

In this section you find an overview of all KDE Kontact's components and a brief summary of their features. There are also plenty links to websites from individual components for more information.

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Click for a screenshot of KDE Kontact showing the Summary component

The Summary Component

This component is specially made for KDE Kontact. It provides both an overview of the other components and a selection of information gathered from the internet like weather info and headlines. In fact any RDF news feed can be added.

Click for a screenshot of KDE Kontact showing the Mail component

The Mail Component

The mail component is provided by KMail, the KDE mail client -- a straight forward mail client that comes with all features you would expect. Here a list of some highlights:
  • IMAP, POP3 and SMTP support
  • secure logons with SSL, TSL or DIGEST-MD5
  • signing and encrypting of emails (both PGP and GnuPG are supported)
  • reading of HTML mails
  • anti-spam functions
  • supports all international character sets
  • powerful search and filter functions
  • spell checking
  • imports folders from many other mail clients
  • highly integrated with other components
  • and many more!
For more information about KMail and a complete features list visit the KMail website...

Click for a screenshot of KDE Kontact showing the Calendar component

The Calendar Component

It is quite obvious that KOrganizer, again very mature KDE application, gets used as the calendar component. This feature-rich program is so easy to use and intuitive that you will quickly adopt it as your personal organizer. Extended with groupware functionality it can boost the communication within every workgroup.

Please visit the KOrganizer website for a very detailed overview of all its functionality check out the features section with lots of screenshots!

Click for a screenshot of KDE Kontact showing the Contacts component

The Contacts Component

As the name implies: this component manages your valued contacts. The application providing this component is KAddressbook, a program that is deeply rooted into KDE. It was integrated in KMail and KOrganizer even before the KDE Kontact project was started. Here a list of the features of this simple yet flexible application:
  • imports and exports to nearly every address book standard
  • supports multiple LDAP servers
  • intuitive printing using predefined and custom styles
  • intergrates with Kopete (KDE's plugin-based, multi-protocol instant messaging monster)
  • supports all international character sets
  • powerful search functions
  • completely customizable to your needs
  • easy to embed in other applications

Click for a screenshot of KDE Kontact showing the Notes component

The Notes Component

This component serves as your infinite block of digital sticky notes. Your can stick them on your desktop and they say visible even after closing KDE Kontact. Of course you can:
  • drag 'n' drop notes into emails
  • print notes
  • independent coloring of notes
  • integration with your desktop
The Notes component is provided by KNotes. For a more visual overview of the functionality you should check-out this screenshot!

Click for a screenshot of KDE Kontact showing the News component

The News Component

This straight forward, full-featured news reader is provided by KNode, KDE's default news reader. It is equipped with all features you would expect:
  • supports multiple newsservers
  • reading and composing of MIME multipart messages
  • inline display of attachments (text and images)
  • supports full scoring
  • drag 'n' drop between groups and archive folders
  • powerful search and filter functions
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The Sync Component

KitchenSync, KDE's universal syncing application provides a framework for syncing with all kinds of devices. On one side it will have a plugin based interface with your mobile devices, like: PDA's and smart phones. On the other side it has conduits for connecting with other KDE Kontact components and external applications. The Sync component, provided by KitchenSync, is currently being implemented, therefore KitchenSync is not yet considered to be stable. Till the day that KitchenSync takes over we have two very nice applications that seamlessly integrate with KDE Kontact: KPilot for syncing with Palm compatible devices and Kandy for syncing with several mobile phone types.


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