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About Snøfrix Software

Snøfrix is a demonstration CD for everyone who wants to try Free Software on Linux, with an emphasis on education, entertainment, and multimedia. Ideally, it should contain all the programs needed for daily computer use, in an appealing and easy-to-use format. We rely on you, our users, to help us achieve this goal.

Characteristic of Snøfrix is the large selection of games, including Freeciv, Frozen Bubble, and Tux Racer. Snøfrix includes standard office software, with Kontact/KMail for mail and for word processing, and standard internet software, with Firefox for WWW and Gaim for Instant Messaging. The submenus at the top of this page will lead you to short descriptions of the major programs in each of the following categories: internet, office, graphics, multimedia, games, education, and system software. Each summary includes a link to the home page for that program.

Some of you may be curious to know: can I install and run these same programs on my Windows computer? To answer this question with certainty, you would have to check the home page for the program in question, but for the majority of programs, the answer is indeed yes. Free software is flexible software, and therefore usually available for every platform. As an example, we indicate where to find Windows versions of some of the more popular programs.

If you are using Mac OS X, your situation is even better. The Fink project makes it possible to run most Free Software directly on Mac OS X.

Finally, a word on the origins of Free Software. Most of the programs included on this CD were and are developed by small groups of programmers. The individual programs are packaged by larger groups, called distributions, who make it their job to ensure that the many thousands of independently developed programs are compatible with each other, and interact as they should.

Technically speaking, Snøfrix is a Linux distribution, but since it derives nearly all of its packages from a much larger distribution, namely Debian, it is more correct to call it a Custom Debian Distribution. The work of making Snøfrix consists largely in deciding which of the many thousands of Debian packages is most likely to be of interest to our target audience. The best programs are included on the CD and described on these web pages.

Many good programs are not included in Snøfrix because the space available on the CD is too limited. For those not entirely satisfied with our choices, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Use klik to download and use additional software, even while running from CD.
  2. Install Snøfrix on the hard disk. Then you can add/delete programs as you please, straight from the Debian archive.