The following developer groups have made it possible to produce Snøfrix.

They in turn rely on the many thousands of independent software developers who create Free Software.

Debian Debian is the world's largest distributor of non-commercial software.
Knoppix Knoppix is the Linux Live CD that provides the technical framework for Snøfrix.
Skolelinux Skolelinux/Debian-Edu makes thin-client networks for schools based on Free Software.

Development and Promotion

Snøfrix is originally a Norwegian project, created in collaboration with

The following people have contributed their time, skill, and energy to developing and promoting Snøfrix.

Tore Sinding Bekkedal Software suggestions
Arnt Ove Gregersen Website and software suggestions
Klaus Ade Johnstad Strategy and software suggestions
Astri Kleppe Author
Snøfrid Kleppe Author
Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes help and software suggestions
Jarle Langeland Promotion and User Interface
Conrad Newton Author
Jim Oksvold Bug-hunting and software suggestions
Bjørn Roger Rasmussen Bug-hunting
Petter Reinholdtsen Technical advice
Knut Yrvin Promotion, promotion, and more promotion
Ole-Erik Yrvin Strategy and Promotion


The following people have contributed their time, skill, and energy to translating the documentation for Snøfrix.

To find out where you can get native language versions of Snøfrix, click here. To read the documentation, click on a flag.

Code Language Translators
ca ca Catalan Francesc Dorca
de de German Ute Rupp, Denise Paschen
fi fi Finnish Petri Salmela
fr fr French Patricia Rodriguez-Tomé
is is Icelandic Björgvin Ragnarsson, who also recommended the kids icons
it it Italian Monica Pozzato
nb no Norwegian Bokmål Astri Kleppe, Tore Sinding Bekkedal, Axel Bojer
pt pt Portuguese Antonio Amorim, author of PAIPIX
sv se Swedish Astri Kleppe
us us US English Conrad Newton

User Feedback

User feedback is a vital part of the development process. The more you participate in this process, the more likely you are to see the results you want. Feedback occurs mostly through four channels:

  1. The Snøfrix Forum (Norwegian, other languages if requested ...)
  2. The Skolelinux mailing lists (Norwegian)
  3. The Debian-Edu mailing list (English)
  4. (as you like ;-)